Friday, April 23, 2010

Universal Studios is so FUN!

Great times at Universal Studios! My magician friend ( Uncle Jimbo ) and I ( Sweetheart the Clown ) have been heading down everyday, because we got the Universal Studios Fun Pass! We've met woody only twice so far, he's wonderful LIVE!

If you get the fun pass, be sure to purchase a bottle like this ( Shrek can only be found at the Potion SHOP in Far Far Away ) for $16.90. Each refill at the fast food shops is only $1! Worthwhile, especially when the drinks start from $2.

This is a map of Universal Studios...found on the trays of the fast food shops... I've been eating here quite a lot, and I can't wait to show you the pictures of the food really soon. From snack stands, fast food shops to dining and fine dining, I've tried them all.

This is another bottle, and these can be found all over Universal Studios. Walk along the streets and you'll see refreshment stands selling these too. Only $12.90 with a soft drink filled up to the brim, it is a great deal indeed! Remember to bring this bottle along for a refill at $1 only! Save the earth, reuse your souvenir bottle!

I got my pass from a friend who sold it at only $250 ( UP $318 ). Bought it before 30th of April, so I get 2 extra Universal Studios vouchers free! $5 for retail and $10 for food.

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